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Pynguin 0.32.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Pynguin version 0.32.0.

Changelog for 0.32.0

  • Breaking: Restructure the code Most of the code related to the generation algorithms has been moved. The code now resides in the ga package, where it fits much better. All accompanying modules have also been moved to different places. This might cause breakage if you have developed extensions for Pynguin that rely on the structure of the modules.
  • Update the bytecode [1] library to its latest version. Necessary to include a fix for a regression in that library, which was pointed out to us in GitHub issue #42 (unfortunately not fixed by the library upgrade).
  • Adjust the header of generated test files; we now refer to Pynguin’s website [2].
  • Extend the usage of the ruff [3] tool for code analysis.
posted 2023–05–16 10:00