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Pynguin 0.23.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Pynguin version 0.23.0.

Changelog for 0.23.0

  • Provide a naive inheritance graph to improve input generation.

  • Improve killing of long-running test-case executions

  • Add computation of mutation scores for MUTATION_ANALYSIS assertion generation.

    The output variables NumberOfCreatedMutants, NumberOfKilledMutants, NumberOfTimedOutMutants, and MutationScore allow to export those values.

  • Do not enable typing.TYPE_CHECKING for SUT analysis as this may cause circular imports.

  • Improve the black list of modules that shall not be incorporated into the test cluster.

  • Annotate failing tests with @pytest.mark.xfail(strict=True).

  • Improve log output of mutation-based assertion generation.

  • Add instrumentation to mutated modules to easier kill them.

    This change is relevant only to the MUTATION_ANALYSIS assertion-generation strategy.

  • Write errors in execution threads to the log instead of STDERR to avoid cluttering log output.

  • Add limits for amount and size of constants in the constant pool.

    The configuration options max_dynamic_length and max_dynamic_pool_size allow to set sizes for the maximum length of strings/bytes that shall be stored in the dynamic constant pool and the maximum numbers of constants of a type, respectively. This prevents the constant pool from growing unreasonably large.

  • Improve handling of type annotations.

  • Fix computation of cyclomatic complexity.

    Computing cyclomatic complexity does not work for functions that are not present in the AST, e.g., default constructors. We now omit those from the computation of the cyclomatic-complexity output variables.

posted 2022–06–24 12:19