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Pynguin 0.16.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Pynguin version 0.16.0.


  • Refactor the assertion generation. This unifies the SIMPLE and the MUTATION_ANALYSIS approaches. Furthermore, Pynguin now uses the MUTATION_ANALYSIS approach again as the default.
  • Update the type annotations in Pynguin’s code to the simplified, future versions (e.g. instead of Dict[str, Set[int]] we can now write dict[str, set[int]]) and do not need any imports from Python’s typing module.
  • Fix a crash of the seeding when native modules are present. Fixes GitHub Issue 20.
  • Provide a hint in the documentation that PyCharm 2021.3 now integrates poetry support, thus no plugin is required for this (and newer) versions (thanks to Simon Labrenz).
posted 2022–01–17 10:26

Web Site Online

We finally launched the web site

posted 2022–01–07 11:00
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